What awaits you at our birthday bash?:

  1. Enjoy boundless excitement in our giant inflatable play arena.
  2. Complimentary pizzas, drinks and essential paper products are provided.
  3. Our dedicated party host takes care of all details and cleanup.
  4. The party room will be beautifully decorated with:
    • Festive happy birthday banner
    • Vibrant tablecloths
    • Plates and napkins (color options subject to availability)
    • Air-filled balloons.
  5. Discover the Snow Room, an exclusive add-on experience unlike anything you’ve encountered before! plus other fun add-ons like snow cone blast.

Birthday Party

Friday through Sunday
#2 Hours Fun(Party is 2 hours but room or table is one and half hours)- you have your own room or table but other area is shared with other customers.
💰We are offering these packages:
Private Room/Shared Jump City up to 15 Kids, 4 Large Cheese🍕$339
Private Room/Shared Jump City up to 20 Kids,5 Large Cheese🍕 $379
Private Room/Shared Jump City up to 25 Kids, 6 Large Cheese🍕$399
Reserved Table/Shared Jump City up to 10 kids, 3 cheese🍕$225 
Reserved Table/Shared Jump City up to 6 kids, 2 cheese🍕$189 
#Party Schedule: The children will spend the first 45 minuets of your party in Jump City. They will then be called to come into the party room or reserved table for pizza, Cake and to open any presents and finish up in Jump City or Snow Room (If it was added). For example if you book the party for 2pm, you will have access to Jump City from 2pm to 4pm and your room or reserved table from 2pm to 3:30pm(We will help you put your stuff on one of the public tables at 3:30 and start cleaning the room for the next party) and snow room 3:30pm to 4pm(If it was added).
#Parents or kids older than 12 can go inside inflatables with younger kids but no jumping or running please. Toddler zone 4 years and under only.
#We don’t start parties at the same time to control crowd, For example-when you book a party at 1pm, there is no other party at 1pm, We try our best to manage parties so when one party goes to Jump City another party goes for pizza and another party goes to Snow Room. However, we can not make Jump City private so there may be an overlap between parties in Jump City.
#We charge $15 for each extra kid but no more than 30 kids allowed in shared party if you have more please book private venue.


Please send us a text message and we will call you back within 24 hours

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