Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, socks are required to play on the inflatables.

Indeed! Our inflatables are meticulously crafted to endure heavy indoor usage. Before being deployed to any of our nationwide facilities, each inflatable undergoes stringent testing to ensure safety for all age groups. Moreover, we bolster stability by anchoring every inflatable securely to the floor, wall, and/or ceiling. Regular cleaning and thorough inspections are integral parts of our maintenance routine, ensuring top-notch quality and safety standards at all times

To comply with insurance requirements, all guests entering our arenas must fill out a waiver. Guests under 17 must have their waiver signed by a parent or guardian. For your convenience, family members aged 17 or younger can be included on the same waiver. You can ask your guest to sign it online to speed up check-in, please send them this link:

Yes. For safety purposes, children under 34 inches are NOT permitted in or on the equipment for any reason (even if accompanied by an adult).

Yes- It’s about 25 F. We provide boots and shoe covers for free. Kids need to wear warm clothes like gloves, jackets (optional but recommended); We can provide those if you want but it depends on availability so please bring winter gear if possible.

No, Just the snow room is cold.

Yes, we do have parking available in the front of our building as well as along the side and the back of our facility. Double parking in the front and double parking in the back of our facility is permitted.

Our fun and friendly staff will provide supervision in the inflatable play areas so you can relax and enjoy the party!

Gratuities for our staff are always welcome.

Yes! Here at Snowy we support our troops by offering a 10% discount off the base price of any of our party packages.

We pride ourselves on safety. To help prevent injuries, each guest is required to watch the Snowy safety video before entering the inflatable arena(s).

  1. You can purchase through this link:

Please reply to the party confirmation text message with order number after you make purchase


*Add-ons are subject to availability. If an add-on is unavailable, we will provide a refund for that item.

*We ask for at least 48 hours notice to accommodate any changes prior to your event.

*Please reply to confirmation text message to check availability for extra hour before make purchase.

      2. You can create invitation here:

*Birthday Party Schedule: The children will spend the first 45 minuets of your party in Jump City. They will then be called to come into the party room or reserved table for pizza, Cake and to open any presents and finish up in Jump City or Snow Room (If it was added). For example if you book the party for 2pm, you will have access to Jump City from 2pm to 4pm and your room or reserved table from 2pm to 3:30pm(We will help you put your stuff on one of the public tables at 3:30 and start cleaning the room for the next party) and snow room 3:30pm to 4pm(If it was added).
*Private Party Schedule: ​The children will spend the first hour of your party in the private jump city. They will then be called to come to the private party room for pizza and cake and to open any presents for last 40 minutes. You have the private party room for one hour and 40 minutes. Then you will need to go to the public area and will begin your private Snow Room (If it was added). For example, if book the party for 10am, you will have access to private Jump City from 10am to 11am and your private room from 10am to 11:40am(We will help you put your stuff on one of the public tables at11:40 and start to cleaning the room for the next party) ​and you will have the private Snow Room from 11:40pm to 12:10pm (If it was added). Please consider the whole venue is not private and you will have just the private area according to schedule. If you want the whole venue private, please choose the private venue option o our booking page.

Anyone who is jumping counts towards headcount except infants under 1. This includes a birthday party for the child. We DO NOT charge for parents, grandparents or friends to stay and watch. (Just kids under 12 years old are allowed to jump so we do not count older kids)

Party includes Jumping in the giant inflatables arena; Private Party Room with throne & TV or reserved table; Drinks(Capri suns) for kids; All the necessary paper products and utensils; Party host, We will handle all the details and cleanup while the birthday boy or girl and their party guests focus on having fun; Basic decoration with large happy birthday banner, tablecloths/plates/napkins (You can choose the color/depends on availability) and a few air-filled balloons; digital invitation.

There are a total of 4 or 5 tables in each party room. The 2 kids tables are 30″ by 90″ ( for 25 kids one more 30″ by 72″) , present and food serving tables are 30″ by 72″ and the cake table is round, there are folding chairs for parents.
You can see party room pictures here: Gallery 

We are providing basic decoration: Large happy birthday banner, tablecloths/plates/napkins (You can choose the color/depends on availability) and a few air-filled balloons. We have main colors like pink, blue, red, white, black, green, purple but sometimes we are out of the some colors so please choose at least 2 colors. You are welcome to bring your decoration.
You can see basic decoration pictures: Gallery 

We don’t charge extra for adults or kids over 12 years old.

You cannot without a deposit. Reservations are held on a first come first serve basis.

Cancelation policy:

You will be required to pay a nonrefundable deposit at the time you book your event. The final cost will be calculated at the end. If you cancel your party, you will forfeit the full deposit. If you need to reschedule the party, we will collaborate with you to find another date and time to host your party with no expiration, or you will forfeit the full deposit. To reschedule please reply to the text message that you will receive after booking the party at least 3 days prior to your party time. Deposits are applied to the remaining balance at the end of the party. If you cancel 2 days or less prior to your party date or no show up, you will be charged 100% of the cost of the party. We may issue gift card for canceled party if you let us know at least 2 weeks prior party time.

Reschedule party:

Please sign in to your account to reschedule:

sign in


If you cancel 2 days or less prior to your party date or no show-up, you will be charged 100% of the cost of the party.

With a paid birthday party, feel free to bring birthday treats like cake, cupcake or decorated cookies for celebration! We are also allowed to bring drinks and one tray snacks for your convenience. If a party guest has a specific food allergy, contact the manager about making arrangements. ADD-ON: You can add outside food to your party for extra charge, Up to 3 tray foods or outside pizzas $39, more than 3 trays food $75.
*We don’t allow any cake or cupcakes without booked party.

Please don’t take food or drinks to the carpeted area, stains won’t come off if you spill. Please NO confetti, streamers, sparkler candles inside venue and no gum, food or drink, sharp stuff and glasses or dirty shoes inside Jump City or Snow Room and no shoes inside inflatables and toddler area. Failure to do so will result in a $100.00 cleaning fee.

We require a $75 deposit for reservations.

Yes, we will serve the children their pizza, cut and serve the cake, setup room with basic decorations or helping you out with your own decorations and clean up room after you done.
​*Reserved table is including shared host, other partied dedicated host.

Yes, you may bring your own decorations such as table covers, center pieces, balloons, etc. We do not allow posters, banners, or any décor on our walls or ceilings (if you use tape, may we accommodate to put on your banner). We provide plates, forks, and napkins free of charge. If you would like to bring your own paper products, you may do so. 

Our bouncers are adult friendly, but we are asking that you do not jump or run for little ones safety. (Except private party)

height restriction: For safety purposes, children under 34 inches are NOT permitted in or on the equipment for any reason (even if accompanied by an adult).

Age restriction: Just One year to 12 years old can run and jump.(Except private party)

Yes, depends to availability. Please reply to text message you receive from us(square) and request to add extra hour for jump city or private room.

Yes, we have speaker so you can connect your phone and play what you want or we can stream your requests through YouTube.

Yes and we can change channel if you want to see your favorite game.

We can seat 50 people at the same time in each party room.

No but it will be appreciated.

Yes, if your child has special needs, please let us know upon booking your party so that we can make the appropriate accommodations and inform your Party Host.

Max 70 kids. Please choose correct package.

Changes to the package must be made prior to the day of the reserved party, just reply to the text you will receive from us(Square) after booking to change your package or you can pay $15 per extra kid at party time.
Please note that package changes is subject to availability.

All you need is your confirmation Text to make any updates/changes to your party reservation, just reply to that text and we will take care or that or you can do in your end just hit reschedule button in confirmation email. Please note that date and time changes are subject to availability

Each reserved birthday party has a party server. Our party servers follow the below safety measures:
• Party servers must always wear a face covering or mask if parents ask. (He/she is already vaccinated) 
• Gloves will be worn when handling food, cake and changed when changing tasks.  
• Prior to the birthday party starting, party servers will discuss other details/requests with the birthday parent.

There is no additional charge for parents or care-givers.

Yes – our weekly Open Jump sessions are not drop-off events.

An admission fee is required for all children participating in Open Jump, which covers their entry into the facility. Please note, this fee is non-refundable once the session has started.

Non-profit public or private preschools or elementary schools with 75 or more students enrolled, and non-profit organizations benefitting children’s causes with over 75 members, are eligible to hold Fundraisers at Snowy Fun. Up to 20% of the sales from your event will be returned to your organization. Only authorized personnel and representatives can officially book events. Only one event per month may be held per school or organization.

Fundraisers are held Monday-Friday, and must be booked 21 days in advance.

When you receive your confirmation email, you will have access to online tools to promote your fundraiser.
The check will be made out and sent directly to the school, with attention to the fundraising contact person. Please let the school know that the donation check will come to your attention. You should expect your check in about 14 business days after your event.
Yes, we only allow one fundraising event per month, per school or organization.

Of course! You can call up until 7 days before the event.

Not Applicable to Non-Profit Fundraising

Yes, you have up until 72 hours to call and make that change.

Not Applicable to Non-Profit Fundraising.

Yes, as required by IRS Rules and Regulations, we require a Form W-9 from private schools.

Note, however, that we do not require a Form W-9 from Public schools and School Districts as the IRS generally treats public schools and their districts as government instrumentalities or agencies thereof.

Not Applicable to Non-Profit Fundraising

The Form W-9 must contain the following information: The precise name of your organization. This is important because we can only make the check payable to the entity identified on the Form W-9. Check the appropriate box indicating the organization’s entity type (e.g., corporation, limited liability company, partnership, etc). Indicate the appropriate “Exempt Payee Code” for your organization (see Form W-9’s instructions for a list of codes and definitions). For example, a Section 501(c)(3) organization would indicate “1” as its Exempt Payee Code. Note: Section 501(c)(3) organizations fall within the types of entities exempted from federal income taxation under Section 501(a) of the Internal Revenue Code. Complete the section for your organization’s address. PART I: Provide the organization’s Taxpayer Identification Number (e.g., its employer identification number). PART II: Signature

We will not deliver a donation check to your organization until we receive a signed Form W-9. A copy of a Form W-9 was included in the confirmation email sent to you when you registered for the event and can also be found at

Yes, we reserve the right to cancel a scheduled event, at any time, if we determine that an organization fails to comply with our fundraising rules.

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